Why should I learn a fiber art?

Here are the top reasons Yarned and Dangerous customers love to craft fiber arts:

  • Fiber arts are a great way to be creative and relax without a cell phone or computer screen. 
  • Crafting with fiber may reduce anxiety by giving you something to do with your hands. 
  • Fiber arts projects offer something to focus on with results that you can see unfold. 
  • Working on a project to completion may offer a sense of accomplishment during tumultuous times in life where everything feels out of control.
  • Fiber arts are a way to make unique and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones.
  • Fiber arts can be a way to make extra money if you decide to sell your work.
  • Learning a fiber art can open you up to an entire community of like - minded artisans who can become inspirations and lifelong friends. 

Plan your visit to Yarned and Dangerous today to learn more about the fiber arts that interest you. Consider a class to learn a fiber art and shop for unique fiber art items. Ann and her community of fiber artists will be happily waiting to greet you behind the Yarned and Dangerous famous green sheep door!

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