Needle Felting Workshops

Come Learn This Fun Fiber Art!

Come on down to Yarned and Dangerous and learn how to do this unique and relaxing fiber art! Create a spring scene with our needle felting workshops. Felting surface and needles will be provided for use during class are are also available to purchase at Yarned and Dangerous. 

Passion for fibers is all the experience you need

  • Each workshop is 3 hours 
  • Class Fee: $30 (cost includes instruction/demonstration and kits for each project that include: core wool, top coats, accent colors etc. specific to that workshop.)
  • Hosted by: Judy L, Joann W, and Deb S. 
  • All class fees are paid to the instructor by cash or check only. 

To reserve your spot in any of our workshops, call Yarned and Dangerous. There are 8 spots available for each workshop.

Come Get Hooked On Yarned And Dangerous!

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