Multi-Shaft Loom Weaving

For Beginners

In this class you will: 

  • Learn the anatomy of a floor loom
  • Learn to read a weaving draft – (Select a draft/pattern to weave for this project)
  • Select yarn for your project
  • Calculate warp and weft
  • Wind a warp on a warping board
  • Transfer the warp from the warping board to the loom
  • Warp the loom (back to front) on the loom
  • Thread the warp through the heddles, reed, and tie onto the front beam.
  • Weave your project

Equipment Provided: 4 harness floor loom 36” weaving width, warping board, lease sticks, raddle, and shuttles. (Loom for the class is reserved for you for 4 weeks).

Class Schedule: This class is best taught in 3-4 hour segments for approximately 16 hours total. 

Class Fee: $200 includes the loom and instruction. You are also responsible for the additional cost of yarn. 

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