Multi-Shaft Loom Weaving

For Beginners

In this class you will: 

  • Learn the anatomy of a floor loom
  • Learn to read a weaving draft – (Select a draft/pattern to weave for this project)
  • Select yarn for your project
  • Calculate warp and weft
  • Wind a warp on a warping board
  • Transfer the warp from the warping board to the loom
  • Warp the loom (back to front) on the loom
  • Thread the warp through the heddles, reed, and tie onto the front beam.
  • Weave your project

Equipment Provided: 4 harness floor loom 36” weaving width, warping board, lease sticks, raddle, and shuttles. (Loom for the class is reserved for you for 4 weeks).

Class Schedule: This class is best taught in 3-4 hour segments for approximately 16 hours total. First available Date to Start is February 14. The class can be set up as consecutive days or the same day each week for 4 hours.

Class Fee: $200 includes the loom and instruction. You are also responsible for the additional cost of yarn. 

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