Marilyn  F.

Marilyn F.

Beginner and Advanced Knitting Instructor

Over the years I have been thrilled to share my passion for knitting, embroidery, drawing, painting and pottery with students of all ages. I was an art teacher  both here in USA and in the UK for over 40 years. I have exhibited and won prizes in Colorado and Fremont County art shows and  sold numerous Art works including watercolors and Mixed media fiber pieces.

Knitting lace and colorwork is what I enjoy the most and I love experimenting with complex patterns. I am thrilled to be teaching knitting to beginners and advanced students at Yarned and Dangerous in Cañon City.

Diane G.

Diane G.

Weaving Instructor

I would describe myself as a life-long maker, with an interest in all fiber arts. I began weaving in 1976 with my first weaving class in college.  Sewing is a close second interest and weaving gave me the opportunity to weave the cloth for the garments I designed. I was hooked and purchased my first loom in 1978. I am fascinated with the interlacement of threads, colors, and textures of handwoven textiles.

After spending over 35 years working as a Department Administrator at a medical college, I am now able to focus on creative projects full-time. Teaching weaving allows me to share my passion with others and learn from their exploration of the process.  It is inspiring and fulfilling for me to see how each student engages in their weaving journey.

Janet  B.

Janet B.

Spinning Instructor

Hi, my name is Janet and spinning is my go - to fiber activity.  I also knit and weave but got into spinning about 8 years ago because of my knitting and weaving.  I found myself asking a lot about yarn and its properties so I went looking.  Once I started spinning I found it so relaxing that it took over my fiber love (almost).

I really enjoy teaching as it gives me an excuse for more spinning time, being able to see the “I got it” moment on student’s faces, and being able to meet more people. I have had a lot of really good teachers and a few really bad teachers and I strive to make the learning process really enjoyable. I love empowering my students to have fun and enjoy the “artistic” mistakes that are made during the learning process.

Ann M.

Ann M.

Knitting, Crochet, Quilting Instructor

Opening and running my knit shop, Knitty Cat, for nearly 11 years gave me the wonderful opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge on knitting, crochet, needle felting, quilting, embroidery and beading. While I am thankful for the days I’ve spent at the shop, the expertise I’ve gained, and the lifelong friends I’ve made, I decided to close the shop at the end of 2013 to pursue and exhibit my own personal artwork. 

For the last 20 years, I have taught textiles in the Denver metro area as well as several guilds in beautiful Colorado. I now teach techniques in all things textiles on my YouTube channel, Quilt As Inspired, which is also the name of my book. Within those pages, I share over 20 techniques on how to make inspired quilts where each section is designed and quilted as you go.

I am also currently working on a series of art quilts playing with yarns, unconventional fabrics and unusual surface design together with incorporating traditional quilting techniques.

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