Rigid Heddle Loom Class
You will select one of the Chunky Yarns available at Yarned and Dangerous to weave an 8” wide by 60” long, plus fringe scarf.  This will be made on a (10” wide) rigid-heddle loom.  The class is designed to give you basic weaving terminology, learn to warp the loom and weave the scarf in plain weave also called “Tabby” weave.   The first class will teach you to thread the loom and start weaving.  The second class will have you finish weaving the scarf and remove it from the loom.  First Session - 4 hours Second Session - 4 hours Class Fee: $95.... Read The Rest
Saori Style Weaving On A Rigid Heddle Loom
Saori weaving is a free-style form of weaving originating from Japan. Saori means a process to uncover the hidden power of creative, no rules weaving (self-expression). Have you been interested in weaving but not sure it is for you? This fun class will have you explore at least five weaving patterns which you can use repeatedly in your weaving creations. The loom will be warped (threaded) so you can start weaving immediately. In the class you will become familiar with basic weaving terminology. The whole premise behind Saori Style Weaving is acceptance, whatever is woven is perfect. Passion for fibers is all... Read The Rest
Color Weave Technique For Kitchen Towels
You will weave two towels (approximately 17” wide x 28” long) using a log cabin design on a Rigid heddle loom.  This class will teach you how to use two shuttles to weave the log cabin design (a color weave effect).  Warping the towels has you doubling the threads to achieve 20 threads per inch with a 10-dent heddle.   You will select two colors (one light and one darker).  Required Supplies: rigid - heddle loom minimum of 24" weaving width; one 10' dent heddle, sley hook, loom clamps, and minimum of two shuttles. If you do not have these items, please... Read The Rest
Private and Group Lessons
Come learn to knit with Marilyn- an advanced knitter, fiber artist and experienced teacher. Please purchase the yarn you need for your classes at Yarned and Dangerous prior to the beginning of class.  Private LessonsLesson Fee: $35 per hour Learn to cast on and knit  Learn to purl and bind off And so much more about knitting!  Group Lessons (for 2-5 people)Lesson Fee: $25 per class Learn four needle knitting (socks and hats) Lace knitting, afghans and shawls  Stacked stitches Brioche stitches Projects: Papillion, Turtle, Circle Shawls  Included in all lessons is extra help you may need to finish your projects.... Read The Rest
Learn To Make A Mug Rug
Want to pick up a new hobby? Yarned and Dangerous is pleased to offer this fun and exciting locker hooking class taught by skilled instructor Katherine M.  Locker hooking takes roving from Yarned and Dangerous and uses it to make coasters, rugs and various other projects. In this class, you will learn the basis of binding off the canvas, designing a pattern, and finish your project to completion. No prior experience required, just the desire to learn the art of locker hooking! One Session: 2 hours Class Fee: $15. Includes all materials needed for the course. However, if you are interested in purchasing... Read The Rest
Come Learn This Fun Fiber Art!
Come on down to Yarned and Dangerous and learn how to do this unique and relaxing fiber art! Create a spring scene with our needle felting workshops. Felting surface and needles will be provided for use during class are are also available to purchase at Yarned and Dangerous.  Passion for fibers is all the experience you need Each workshop is 3 hours  Class Fee: $30 (cost includes instruction/demonstration and kits for each project that include: core wool, top coats, accent colors etc. specific to that workshop.) Hosted by: Judy L, Joann W, and Deb S.  All class fees are paid to the instructor by cash... Read The Rest
Every Thursday
Come on down to Yarned and Dangerous every Thursday from 3 to 6 in the evening. Bring your cross stitch and embroidery and pull up a chair for some tips and chatting. This is a great way to meet others in the fiber arts community and work through problems you may be having with a project. These workshops are free of charge and are always a good time! ... Read The Rest
Rigid Heddle Loom
Have you been interested in weaving but not sure it is for you? Well this class is the answer. In this one session class you will become familiar with weaving terminology and practice basic weaving skills on a rigid-heddle loom that is already warped and ready for you to start weaving. Passion for fibers is all the experience you need. In this class you will be able to experiment with the following weaving patterns:  Tabby or Plain Weave Clasped Weft Soumak Vertical Bars Hem Stitching  Rya Rug Technique (if time permits) Class Fee: $65... Read The Rest
Using A Rigid Heddle Loom
In this two session class, you will use a rigid-heddle loom (10” wide) to weave a scarf 8” wide by 67” long plus fringe. You can use your own rigid-heddle loom or rent one from the store. We will review planning for your project to determine ends per inch (epi) and picks per inch (ppi), calculate warp and weft and prepare your warp using the direct peg method. By the end of the first session, you will have your warp secured on your loom and will start weaving. You will complete the weaving at home over the next two weeks. Bring... Read The Rest
Using A Rigid Heddle Loom
In this one session class, you will set up your rigid heddle loom to weave two towels (20” x 30”) using a color and weave effect called “Log Cabin”. The weave structure will have you using two shuttles to create the pattern. You will warp your loom according to a defined pattern and start weaving the first towel in class. A review on how to prepare the hem will also be discussed. You will continue weaving the towels on your own. Class Fee: $65 (includes the 8/2 unmercerized cotton and instruction) Class Requirements: Prior weaving experience required Materials You Must Provide: A 20” or larger... Read The Rest
Using A Rigid Heddle Loom
In this two session class you will use a rigid-heddle loom (minimum 15” wide) to weave the Judi Vest (pattern designed by Lois Weaver at ZoZo Fibers). The class is one-on-one instruction with instructor Diane Gromowski. Pattern can be made as shown in the photo or changed to be a shorter version.  Class Time: The first session is scheduled for 2 hours. After you are finished with the weaving, we will schedule a 2nd session to assembly your vest. Class Fee: $55 for both sessions, plus the cost of yarn of your choice for the vest ... Read The Rest
For Beginners
In this class you will:  Learn the anatomy of a floor loom Learn to read a weaving draft – (Select a draft/pattern to weave for this project) Select yarn for your project Calculate warp and weft Wind a warp on a warping board Transfer the warp from the warping board to the loom Warp the loom (back to front) on the loom Thread the warp through the heddles, reed, and tie onto the front beam. Weave your project Equipment Provided: 4 harness floor loom 36” weaving width, warping board, lease sticks, raddle, and shuttles. (Loom for the class is reserved for you for 4 weeks). Class Schedule: This class is best... Read The Rest

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